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3M - 5200 

Marine Adhesive

Saved My Bacon!!

3M asked us to help them create something special to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of their biggest selling brands 5200 Marine Adhesive. 5200 is basically super glue for the commercial fishing and marine industry, working in the most extreme conditions it even sets under water. This well respected product, half a century old is something most fisherman can't live without, because without it, they probably wouldn't live. So we jumped on board, put our oars in the water and crafted a memorable and effective idea worthy of the brand.


We wanted to capture the imagination, hearts and minds of these tough salty customers. The campaign titled “5200 Saved My Bacon” is a series of films following fisherman telling real life stories about how 5200 literally saved their lives and their boats from the craziest, oddest and most dangerous life-threatening situations. We traveled to Alaska, to the source to bring these stories to life.


We raised the stakes and created an exciting experience fans of the brand could identify with and audiences could appreciate and everyone could celebrate.  

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