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Vift is an exciting service created by KeepTree Inc.  It’s a Video Gift, thus the name Vift.  


How it works is you purchase products as you always do online and if your order is being sent to someone as a gift you have the option at checkout to add a Vift.  Just like if you wanted to add gift wrap.  It’s that simple.  


Once purchased a window will open for the Vift-Giver to create a one-of-a-kind video right there that will be sent along at the same time the gift is!  It’s sent via email and text — triggered as soon as the gift is delivered.  So as soon as they open the gift, they open the Vift.  


It takes gift-giving to a whole new level.  It’s really MORE OF YOU, IN EVERY GIFT.  And that line right there is just one piece of what we created for this amazing new service.  Enjoy.

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