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Muck Boots

The Dangers of Being a Bush Pilot in Alaska

Living dangerously and flying high with Alaskan Bush pilots to get the story. For Honeywell’s classic extreme Muck Boot brand we brought a unique and real story to the screen following legendary Alaskan bush pilot Mike Collins. Mike routinely risks his life flying through the backcountry of Alaska delivering much needed supplies, mail and passengers in and out of some of the most extreme locations and weather conditions imaginable.


Mike’s extraordinary job and life story told in his own words helped tell the brands story with an authentic voice in a memorable, timeless way. Mike Collins is a seasoned bush pilot born and raised in Alaska and has been flying his entire life. As a 4th generation Bush Pilot, Mike offers a rich, colorful personal story that resonates with consumers and connects the viewer to the brand ethos.


The campaign was part of a series of spots we produced for Honeywell following various real people throughout the amazing and often dangerous Alaskan wilderness.

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