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Walk the Talk

For Nordic Track we took walking to an entirely new level. Why run when you can walk, burning 5x the calories all the while traveling the world. That’s exactly what we did in our latest campaign for the X11i Incline Trainer. We brought together a global team for the latest production of this epic short-form commercial project. One of our big challenges was logistics, traveling with close to 100 people across the globe with equipment and 6 Incline Trainer machines in tow made things very exciting. We harnessed the talent of teams across the US, England and Spain working around the clock to make our vision happen. The end result was a visually impactful, performance driven spot so successful that unit sales for the product were some of the highest they’ve ever experienced in the 40 year history of the brand.


The visual artistry and science of the spot is how we connected with the consumers. We brought powerful, honest testimonials, a passionate performance by super star trainer Jillian Michaels and visual effects with motion control that actually transforms the Incline Trainer powered by Google Maps from Jillian’s living room to destinations all around the world and back again. Jillian was so great to work with and her enthusiasm was contagious. Traveling to multiple countries, filming in very challenging locations around the clock Jillian kept everyone’s energy up and positive the entire trip. Thanks Jillian!

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