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Tour De France Fitness Bike

I Am a Cyclist

Let’s hear the heartbeat and feel the breath of a bicycle racer; let’s feel the road and what it’s like inside the pack, hear the gears, chain and pedals cranking. Let’s make this real, and that’s what our campaign “I Am” for ProForm was designed to do. The client asked us to do a series of films that would tap into the spirit and passion of the bicycle racer and the race. An exciting opportunity for us to dive into the world of one of the most popular and well respected sports in the world.


This product is the official exercise bike for the Tour De France and we have been blessed over the last few years with helping make this brand one of the number one fitness bikes on the market. Capturing the essence of the ride and the rider and infusing that into what it feels like to ride the product is what we strived to do and something we were dedicated to achieving.  

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